This is caused by a misunderstanding with their marriage officer.

Entertainment couple Nandi Madida and Zakhele Madida famously known as Zakes Bantwini have finally made the decision to dissolve their marriage contract. According to Sunday World the couple seeking legal grounds to remove Nandi Madida from their joint estates.

The multi-million rand properties include an estate in Morningside, KwaZulu-Natal with a value of R3.5 million and another in Thornhill, Modderfontein, Gauteng. These are allegedly owned by Zakes Bantwini. It is reported by the publication that Nandi does not own any assets.

The couple applied for a petition last week to dissolve their marriage at the Johannesburg High Court. This is according to Zakes’ affidavit, which reveals that there was some misunderstanding between them and their marriage officer and it resulted in them mistakenly getting married without a prenuptial agreement, which automatically landed them in community of marriage.

These were not their plans, as they had intented to be married out of community of property. The two got married on June 8 2016 in Pinetwon and they have 2 beautiful children.

Sunday World reported that they were aware of the contents of Zakes Bantwini’s affidavit which pleads with the courts to agree to alter their marriage contracts. The musician says they both agreed to get married without the use of an accrual system. The couple found out about this when they were discussing their personal finances.

“As a result of (a) misunderstanding between ourselves and the marriage officer, who conducted the marriage ceremony, we understood incorrectly as it now appears that he would be in position to ensure that our marriage would be out of community of property without the application of the accrual system.

“At all material times, it was the intention of the second applicant and myself to be married out of community of property without application of the accrual system,” his affidavit stated.

The plea was continued by Zakes saying that he and his wife Nandi would enter into a post-nuptial notarial contract instead of the accrual system. This is done because they both have very successful careers and get paid separately.

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