A day ago, Nelson Ntombela, famously known as Chicken on one of the most watched soap operas in South Africa, Rhythm City was seen by a fan at Shell Garage.

Most of us are aware of how frequently that happens, one can go to some of the well-known stores in Joburg, Cape Town or Durban and might just come across at least one or two celebrities.

However, this guy here managed to get Nelson’s attention and in the video, one can see them smiling, but there is something serious that was realised by one of the people who watched the video.

Nelson seemed different and this might be according to some people, but some might beg to differ. Nelson is one of the best actors that we have in this country.

Since most people look up to him, support and follow his career, they could be genuinely concerned about his well-being. One person mentioned that Nelson looked sick, now a lot of people follow Nelson on social media and we have seen him a lot on Rhythm City.

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