Mzansi tweeps have become the best at judging actors and actresses on TV shows for badly executing their roles.

The latest victim of these critics has become actress Ntando Duma for Mzansi tweeps, who have reported that she can’t act to save her life.

The Queen’s Mpho Can’t Act

Currently, Ntando Duma is starring on The Queen as Mpho Sebata and fans are not happy about her acting chops.

Tweeps went on Twitter to share their dislikes about the actress’ execution of her role or lack of it thereof.

Here are some of the tweets

“Ntando duma’s acting is horrible. yeses”

“The Queen played with serious actors, that’s why they busy giving us abo Ntando Duma”

“The character of Mpho Sebata is really not necessary. . I don’t know if it’s the storyline or Ntando Duma just gives us a flat performance..#TheQueenMzansi”

“I don’t understand how Ntando Duma’s acting got this horrible! She wasn’t this bad on Rhythm City”

“Ntando Duma must be let go! her acting is poor #TheQueenMzanzi”

The last time Mzansi complained about actors who can’t execute their roles well, it did not end well as they ended up being written off the shows.

Tweeps were also on Actor, Lunga Shabalala’s neck for being a bad actor on The River, where he played the role of Lindani.

After his character was killed off, Lunga Shabalala ended leaving the show.

Larona Moagi is also another actress who got a lot of flak from tweeps for her acting.

The actress finally left The River after 3 seasons, following complaints from fans everytime she was onscreen

Larona Moagi had also gotten into a fight with veteran actress Moshidi Motshegwa, who said she had it on.

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