If we learnt that this jet is owned by Kudzai Mushonga who is Khanyi Mbau’s botfriend we wouldn’t be surprised.


These two are leaving nothing to the imagination, they can be seen kissing, hugging, lunching and even flying together and they have loaded their social media accounts. Kudzai must be doing something right because Khanyi just went from zero to a thousand.


From her caption below it’s evident that she enjoys everyday she gets to spend quality time with the love of her life. I just wonder how long they have been dating because it doesn’t seem like something that has just happened.

The lovebirds even give out advice on ways to get rich while young, Kudzai Mushonga at only 25 years old was on the Forbes list of the youngest millionaires in the world. Khanyi once said she wants a very rich man in her life and this is evident that Khanyi knows what she wants as she got one with outstanding finances.

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