He’s left the actress in tears

Actress Manaka Ranaka, expressed how Botswana based comedian William Last KRM made her feel on her social media.

William has been receiving recognition and praise for his hard work. Manaka Ranaka, in an emotional social media post, posted a clip of William with Director Mo, who is the brain behind his latest music video How It Feels featuring Dato Seiko seated in a lounge.

The pair can be recognised seeing the video on TV and William gets emotional and struggles to hold back his tears. Homeboy fails to hold back his tears and end up leaving the room to get some fresh air outside. The video has been hitting home as it is too real and its storyline is intriguing and relatable.

William isnt the only one who had to grab a tissue but it had everyone reaching for the tissues. However, he also had the actress shedding tears as well. He received congratulations from Manaka on the amazing video and expressed how emotional the video is and said it made her cry early in the morning.

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