You can remember the story about a Zimbabwean man who once worker at SABC but later got fired by the company after he was accused of annoying South Africans with his intend programs.

The information went viral in south African and most of South Africans knew that SABC fired Peter Ndoro due to his allegedly misconduct.

However, a South African man today went on his Twitter account reminding south Africans of the incident that happened where Peter Ndoro got sacked by SABC and the funny part of it all, was that he questioned if the Zimbabwean man survived after he was allegedly retrenched by his company.

His fellow South Africans could not help it but to speak as they also gave their own perspective view concerning the past event.


Zimbabwe in ruined state is not an exhibition of hardworking or educated people. Sometimes silence is golden. A country with so much potential becoming the joke of the world is the greatest endorsement of colonialism and the reflection of the tragic failure of tribal black rule.

The SABC has been on a long drive to purge dissent. There are many talented actors over the years who got black listed and are unable to work on SABC productions. Had it no been for abo Mzansi Magic etc…. Ngabe…. ??

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