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Shepherd Bushiri has been given a warning of impending death of himself and his other children if he does not repent from his ‘evil deeds’.

This was revealed by Annie & Daniel Haugerud Ministries in a video alleging that Bushiri and his wife may be redeemed if they choose to do what is right.

The couple alleges that his daughter’s death was caused by his sinfulness and that they should stop leading their followers astray.

Anne Haugerud at first made a prophecy two weeks ago telling Bushiri to confess his sins to the world so that people will be set free and that no one will judge him.

Trouble is, the prophetess alleges, Bushiri’s wife is more hard-hearted as she is unwilling to let her husband do the right thing.

She is preventing Bushiri from telling the truth and confess his sins because they have a lot to lose.

She said;

A message from the Lord to Mary Bushiri!
This is precisely what I saw:
I was in the church of Mary- and Shepherd Bushiri. I saw Mary Bushiri, she had extensions, maybe a wig; her hair reach down to her shoulders. As she was ministering, I saw a very high altar (this altar is spiritual – you can’t see it with your physical eyes). Then a couple came forth to give a testimony. The woman spoke first, then the husband; he was explaining how he became rich.

I saw many other things the same night, but it would be to much to write about here.
When I was about to wake up, The Holy Spirit administered to me, He said: “Jezabel, Jezabel.”
I want to address Mary Bushiri, the wife of Shepherd Bushiri:
My voice can seem unsignificant, but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is using this small voice. Mary Bushiri’s heart is harder than that of Shepherd Bushiri’s; she’s more stubborn than her husband. The altar that she made – that I saw – is a very powerful altar. The children of God don’t want to go deep in prayer so they can differentiate between Jesus Christ and darkness.

Africa is looking for power and wealth, there is no way that you can convict them about Shepherd Bushiri and his wife – and the altar I saw. In Africa witch doctors and sorceres are so popular that although people are practicing the same things in the church, it wont make any difference to them.

God wants to speak to Mary Bushiri: When the Lord, who is the Good Shepherd, put sheeps in our hands, the sheep will trust and believe in the shepherds. God spoke to the man of God, Moses, and he in turn went to the people and spoke to them. What I’m trying to say is that if even God Himself comes down physically, they wont believe Him. So now, the responsibility is on the shepherds.

God wants to give Shepherd Bushiri and his wife one more chance – you went to far! The power you are practicing is beyond, you have reached the top! You are not the only one practicing such things. This is a tough issue, because all of you ministers who are doing these things – the same things – are backing up each other. You can support each other, but when God alone comes to the scene, not a soul is able to stand. Many accusations/allegations that have been made about you are true! Of course, you will pay for everything you have done, but how long will you continue doing these things? Remember, no matter how long time it will take, God hears the small voices of His people.

The justice of God is coming! God wants you to address His people, if you speak they will listen. Make a video where you confess what both of you have been doing. They will listen, they will not throw stones at you, but it will be a lesson to learn for all Africa.
God Almighty wants things to happen smoothly, with no drama – for His Name sake. Ask for forgiveness. As you do that, many others (ministers) will do the same!
Let all the news media know the truth, stop make them fabricating stories, showing that you are innocents. No one is against you, but the truth will always prevail; when you say the truth, people will accept it.

As long as you are lying to the people of God, they will believe it. Please, free the people of God! The Bible says that “you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)
This is an opportunity that the Lord Jesus Christ is giving you and your church.
Shepherd Bushiri is willing to surrender, but he is alone about it; his staff, his wife – not any of them wants to repent! There are different reasons as to why they don’t want to repent.
P.S. At the time of writing this, when I’m about to finish up, the Lord is saying: “I have called My people, but my people have decieved Me.”

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