Seeing how Somhale nolonger post each other on social media, we have gathered by now that they are going through a rough patch in their marriage. We also received it from them directly that they are currently getting tested in their marriage, however they are trying to keep their private lives private and not for public consumption.

Many have come up with their conspirecy theories concerning what happened between the two from their extravagant weddings that left Mzansi drooling to now being an estranged couple.

Divorce rumours have been haunting the couple for a very long time now and being public figures does not make things easier.

Firstly, people realised the most obvious which is their absence from each other’s social media. The two have not been posting each other on Instagram and Twitter. Secondly, when the rumours began Somizi Mhlongo removed tons of pictures which included Mohale Motaung. Now, Somizi has unfollowed Mohale on both Instagram and Twitter.

A year after their big weddings, both of them have commented on the status of their marriage. Firstly Mohale spoke to the presenters of Trending SA saying the first year is not easy, “We had a quiet dinner and looked back at the past year. The first year of marriage, I must say, is not easy,” he said, adding that the reason is people are not told about the challenges and how to overcome them.

At the time, their third wedding preparations to happen in Italy were in progress, “We are not planning an extravaganza, but we are having another wedding.”

Somizi also told Anele Mdoda the same sentiments on Anele and the Club on 947 that they are facing hardships indeed, “It’s exactly as any other relationship, it’s got its ups and its downs and, at the moment, we are facing that one year challenge of a marriage, we are facing that and I am not ashamed of that.”

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