Zimbabwe millionaire, Wicknell Chivayo, has expressed frustration with his marriage, which is all but over.

Writing on Facebook, Chivayo said:

The worst prison in the world is a home without peace. Be careful who you marry or fall in love with.


Chivayo this week shared pictures of himself in the first class of an Emirates flight and other pictures of himself with his son.

He made a point of not sharing any pictures with his wife.

 Chivayo’s marriage has been rocked by public spats with his wife, Sonja Madzikanda, who openly admitted in a recent interview that she only married Chivayo for his money.

She also admitted that Chivhayo forced her to take a paternity test, although his son looks identical to him.

Sonja also recently shared a video of herself destroying Chivayo’s clothes with bleach, while muttering like a deranged woman.

Cracks first appeared in the stressful marriage after Sonja revealed that Chivayo was a serial cheater, who trolled online chatrooms and who spent time chatting with Harare slay queens on Whatsapp.

Many of Chivayo’s followers have remarked that the highly publicised marriage was bound to fail, due to Chivayo’s eccentric behaviour and love for attention.

Chivayo married Sonja after putting out an advert that he was looking for a virgin to marry and finally settled for Sonja.

Chivayo’s mother recently passed away in January, after which Sonja and Chivayo’s sister, Moreblessing, engaged in a public fight.

Moreblessing accused Sonja of disrespecting her mother and calling her a witch before her death.

Moreblessing also accused Sonja of celebrating the death of her mother and being an alcol abuser.-Zimbabwe Mail

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