Warning to haters has been sent by Singer Kelly Khumalo telling a critic that she’s not here to be liked.

It all began when Kelly shared a video of herself performing, with many praising the star’s talent.

One user revealed that she did not “like” Kelly but was a fan of her live performances.

“I don’t like you much but I have been to one of your performances. I have to admit: spectacular”.

Kelly replied with a stern clapback and turned to God in the process.

“Fortunately for me I am not here to be liked but to fulfil God’s purpose for my life,” Kelly said.

Kelly’s comments section was flooded with support, telling her to ignore the haters.

Kelly has never been shy to say what she wants against trolls who frequent her page, making it clear she would not be silent because she’s a celeb.

“I want to lay down some ground rules because I see people are getting out of hand. If you are going to talk st at me, my darling, I am going to say st back at you. I am not the kind to back down.

“This thing of saying she is a celebrity and won’t say anything back, se g*t. You are not my friend, OK,” she said in an Instagram video last month.

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