Now almost everyone is wondering what could have led Somhale not to see the light of 202. Could this be the reason? From the information gathered it seems like the Motaung’s never accepted Somizi as they assumed he was making moves for his daughter Bahumi to date Mohale.

With the latest evidence gathered from social media interactions it shows that the Idols SA judge got his way to Mohale and his family’s heart using the name of his daughter. Everyone’s jaw has been left dropped by a comment from his ex-husband’s sister who is very fond of the brother.

The comment was right under the star’s post and it read: “I don’t care, you guys don’t understand how this relationship has messed up my family. Somizi was going ka his kid is dating, she is young blah blah blah. The next thing he is busy with my brother, that is his daughter’s age. So it’s ok to destroy other kids but his must live in a perfect world,” she said

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