Mohale Motaung has finally opened up for the first time after rumours that have been going around on social media that his marriage with Somizi Mhongo is on the rocks and they are headed for divorce.

Mohale had an interview with Power FM recently, and he decided to address the big elephant in the room and said they are doing fine with Somizi, “Me and my husband Somizi Mhlongo Motaung, hmmm, We are fine, we are okay,” he said.

The lovebirds were once Mzansi’s favourite power couple and everyone could testify that they were inseparable but recently they have not been seen together. Instead, they have been posting solo pictures and hanging out with their friends, further fueling rumours that trouble is in paradise.

When questioned about why they haven’t been together Mohale said, “I think that is okay, people decide in a relationship that this is how we gonna do things, this is the route we are going to take and it is okay”

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