Fans have been left wondering whether Prophet Passion Java has bought Zodwa Gucci heels worth $10 000 USD. This is after Zodwa posted a clip on her instagram story unboxing beautiful Gucci heels. She then put a Prophet Passion tag and the figure 10 000. She captioned the story “Birthday gifts still coming through. Fans where left to wonder whether this means that this is a belated birthday gift from Prophet Passion.

Zodwa is the ex wife to the late Zimbabwean multiple millionaire Ginimbi who died in a horrific car crash. Ginimbi & Passion Java where deemed to be social media rivals as they competed in flamboyance and luxurious car show off. By virtue of this, the common man would assume that there is bad blood between Zodwa and Prophet Passion.

However it seems there is no bad blood between the two as it seems they are even shoving each other with birthday gifts.

see video below

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