Persons have connected DJ Tira’s better half Gugu Khathi with the show, and this is most usually related to all that was said about her.

You might notice that there was an incident in which Gugu allegedly raped another, and this may indicate that people have a favorable view of her

Along these lines, the week before today, DJ Tira and james life partner, Gugu, visited AKA’s life partner Nelli Tembe’s burial service. Besides which, as you might think, not everyone who goes unnoticed on Twitter at this rate, and they saw Gugu have something incredible.

Gugu required fields into pants instead of a get-up, which instantly caused a stir whenever some people tweeted about how rude she was for doing just that.

Ladies are no longer told to wear trousers at memorial services, according to several people’s beliefs and customs in South Africa; this is an indication of perceive

Many people believe it is unacceptable for a young lady to wear pants to a memorial service, but others argue that times have changed and we no necessarily do things the same way we used to

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