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Not everyone was born to be a star, therefore there are some of the celebrities who quit fame because of lack of opportunities, lets say, you may be an actress but no producer interested in calling you to be parf of their stories so there are high chances of less job opportunities which may lead one to think of quitting and doing something else.

Here are the five Mzansi former Celebrities who chose to leave the entertainment industry for normal jobs.

1. Musa Mthombeni

Musa was the presenter of the SABC 1’s kids show; YOTV. This Former presenter is now famously known as Dr Big Daddy Mousse. He is a medical intern at Durban’s Hospital.

2. Carol Bouwer

Carol Bouwer chose to be a successful business woman and left the entertainment industry. Her business company is focused on organising and arranging big event, even the memorial services of Tata Nelson Mandela in 2013 was organised by Carol Bouwer productions.

3. Mandisa Nakana

Mandisa Nakana used to be a media personality who’s now training to be a Psychologist. Currently, this former star is living in the United Kingdom with her husband and their three children.

4. Selae Thobakgale

Selae Thobakgale is a South African television presenter well known for hosting quite a number of kid’s shows on YOTV on SABC1. Well, Selae is now a businesswoman, motivational speaker and freelance strategist.

5. Precious Kofi Schamel

Precious Kofi Schamel is a South African actress best known for hosting her own TV show called Keeping It Real With Precious. A couple years ago, Precious got married, she then relocated to America with her husband, all she ever does is to take care of her two children working as a fitness coach. Her life is now at America.

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