A thigh vendor from Mutare is thanking her lucky stars after she received a massive windfall of US$15 000 from an apparently satisfied client who had hired her for a single night. The free-spending client is suspected to be an illegal gold panner, mukorokoza in local parlance, who had been shunned by the thigh vendor’s colleagues due to a distinct lack of hygiene.

iHarare has learned from The Weekender that the incident in question happened to a Mutare based lady of the night who is professionally known as Joyie.

According to Joyie’s colleagues and other witnesses who spoke to the publication, when the client approached the ladies of their night seeking to hire them, a lot of them avoided him. They claimed that he was visibly shabby and was clad in a pair of dirty tattered black jeans, a black T-shirt and a rugged pair of shoes that had seen better days. He also said to have been emitting a strong body odour and seemed to be drunk.

As a result of this, he seemed unappealing and most of the girls avoided him. However, Joyie was brave enough to put up with the man for the night, despite his lack of charm. According to some of the girls who overheard the negotiations, Joyie agreed to spend the whole night with the man for US$15.

The next morning, Joyie was stunned when the client added a few more zeros to the amount they had agreed on. One of the thigh vendors narrated the events of the morning;

“She screamed and we were all startled with the noise. We gathered in the corridor to hear the news. One of Joyie’s friends who had also shunned the client fainted. To be honest, we were all shocked. Joyie flaunted the money on her bed and asking us to take her pictures

Joyie is reported to have left the place where she was staying fearing that she would be robbed. She also seems to have temporarily stopped using her known number as it has been unreachable since her US$15 000 Windfall.


“The man told Joyie that he was adding more zeros to his $15 offer and gave her a breakdown. He said US$5 000 was meant for her lobola, the other US$5 000 was for her upkeep, while the remaining US$5 000 was for her car.

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