Mac G and his controversial stances that never cease to amaze us, is surely changing the podcast scene in Mzansi.

Famous for not limiting on anything social, once again the famous podcaster got into people’s feels with derogatory comments about their fave, Boity.

Mac G of Podcast and Chill with Mac G has gotten a huge increase in subscribers ever since he was called out for homophobic comments and getting cancelled by Old Mutual.

On the last week’s episode of Podcast and Chill with Mac G, with his partner Sol Phenduka and the controversial Nota as their celebrity guest, in 20 hours, he has already managed to pull almost 70k views.

His negative comments and the social media backlash he received after his last episode got him where he is.

It all started when the trio chose to play a game called ‘smash, marry or kill” where they have to choose what to do with a fellow female celeb.

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