Boity Thulo, the media personality is really owning her throne.

Recently she launched her beverage, BT Signature.

The star has announced that she’s a major shareholder and a director of her brand, BTMK Beverages.

She announced this news to her million followers saying she was the first ever black woman or celebrity to own her own ready-to-drink beverage.


“As a major shareholder and director of BTMK Beverages, I’m proud to have successfully created BT Signature!” she wrote.

“Not only am I the first black SA woman to create and own a ready-to-drink beverage, but am also the first celebrity with a non-alcohol variant to allow all to enjoy.”

For a while now, Boity has been on a winning streak, as she’s launched many various projects months apart.

Recently she launched her own foundation, Boity Foundation, which focuses on changing lives – and she also launched her own fragrance late last year, Boity Sapphire.

As far as romance is concerned, she has been linked with Legacy heartthrob Anton Jeftha, who was also present at the launch of her beverage recently. The pair were seen taking the same helicopter around Valentine’s Day.

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