Congratulations to Muvhango actor Gabriel Temudzani as he is celebrating 21 years acting the role of Azwindini, he is glad about how things are going to change on this show.

Soon, people will see Azwindini being removed from the Kingdom chair and left heartbroken. He would witness his luxurious belongings fading and have a difficult time to start a new life as his wife would have a child with his enemy.

Temudzani mentioned that the importance of this part was to teach people how losing everything you have can distract you in life.

‘I know how it feels to be in Azwindini’ shoes, as a man, a husband and a father I know how painful it is to face this situation. Situations like these are a challenge in life, I hope men will learn something from this character’ explains Temudzani

He also stated that there are other scenes that would be related to the deadly disease that the country is faced with, COVID-19. This 41 years old actor mentioned that being part of Muvhango is a blessing to him.

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