After the unfortunate suspected suicide of his wife, Kiernan Forbes famously known as AKA has expressed his grief for the loss of “the love of my life”.

This April, Anele Tembe fell off from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town after a night out with his fiance.

In a statement that went viral on social media, the South African rapper expressed his struggles in coping with the loss as well as how deeply he misses Anele.

“I have lost the love of my life… and every day feels like a mountain to climb. I miss Anele, so much, and I’m heartbroken at the unfulfilled life we had planned together.”

AKA has taken his focus at people who are suggesting that he is somehow involved in her death adding that this has hurt him and his family greatly.

Therefore, he has chose to take a sabbatical as he seeks restoration and clarity.

“The tragic loss of Anele has taken a great toll on me, emotionally and psychologically.

“Insinuations and innuendos made on my personhood have made it even more difficult to process and the strain our families have taken is unspeakable- which is why at this time I choose to retreat to honour my journey, praying that the moments of stillness may bring me closer to some clarity.”

Mr Forbes has appreciated those who have been with him during his grieving times including his family, politicians and his Megacy fans.

“I wish to convey my gratitude to all the people who have supported me during this difficult time in my life, my mom Lynn and dad Tony, Bab’ Moses and Ndabezitha, my brother Steffan, my family (both Forbes and Tembe), my heartfelt gratitude to you all. To my business associates, political leaders, industry peers and elders, friends and my neighbours, thank you all for rallying around me. Last but not least, to my incredibly loyal fans, the MEGACY, your collective love and support have brought me much comfort.”

Aka has chosen to cede his social media business and other work to his handlers requesting for some privacy.

“As we undergo this painful journey, I have entrusted my team to handle all of my affairs in the public domain, including all my social media platforms. Please respect our privacy as we go through our grieving process, and please continue to keep our families in your prayers.”

Anele’s father Moses Tembe denied the rumours that her daughter committed suicide. Though his words at his daughter’s funeral seemed like he had some suspicions as to what may have befallen her daughter.

Perhaps, these could be some innuendos and insinuations AKA was referring to although Mr Tembe ruled such out.

“I was neither there when Anele met her fate last Sunday. I neither seek to attack any person, nor cast aspersions, nor create suspicions nor stigmatise any mental condition, however, I cannot allow an unfortunate narrative go unchallenged. A narrative that is maliciously purveyed in some circles that Anele, my daughter, was chronically suicidal or had suicidal tendencies.

“All I can say is that until she turned 21, Anele would not consider taking her own life as a solution. Not a single member of my family, Anele’s family will have ever associated Anele with suicide, it never arose. Living would have never been Anele’s challenge,” he said.

“As Anele’s father, I hereby state categorically that Anele was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide,” he stated. He then went on to say that as a society, people should teach and make awares to the youth about alcohol usage and drug usage as well.

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