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Killer Zivhu, former ZANU PF Chivi South legislator has gone after the ruling party stating that he hates what it does although he is in favour of President Emmerson Mnangagwa personally.

Speaking from Europe away from those he thinks burnt down his car in a clear sign of threats, Zivhu has pledged his allegiance to the country’s president but has discredited his former party, ZANU PF as an organisation.

“ED ndomufarira kubva kare as an individual ,but zvakawanda zvinoitwa ne Zanu Pf zvisina musoro zvandisingafariri ndinongozvitaura. Zvakawanda zvandinofarirawo zvinoitwa ne Zanu PF ndinozvitaurawo (I like ED personally since long back, but I speak out when ZANU PF does good and equally say it out loud when they mislead people.)”

Killer Zivhu implied that he is off to Europe to do some business and went out to disgrace his enemies before jetting off.

“Ndichamboinda Europe musare mushe vakapisa motor yangu muchidya sadza ne polony (I’m off to Europe, farewell those who burnt my car while eating sadza with polony)”

A while ago, his car was burnt down in a clear sign of sabotage and before that, he was involved in an accident which he claimed his enemies had planned.

However, in a series of posts, Zivhu has asserted his support for President Mnangagwa for the 2023 Presidential elections.

“Free education, medical , inputs , WiFi , and etc by 2024 under ED’s leadership, please don’t miss this opportunity for our Country. Vote ED 2023 mongoudzana udzana ikoko ini ndatokwira Ndege kuzoudzawo vamwe kuti 2023 kumusha tose kundovhotera ED guys.”

Mr Zivhu is the founder of the Killer Zivhu Foundation and the Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association (ZCBTA).

Zivhu launched the My Nation First, Me Second Campaign in December 2018 inorder to help instil a sense of patriotism to make people take part in Zimbabwe’s development dispite different affiliations.

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