Celebrities never cease to amaze us. Musician Sjava is determined to creating an OnlyFans account but his reasoning seems a bit offish. The muso wants to develop a platform which only allows his fans to have access to it and engage with.

Taking to Twitter, Sjava wrote, “I wish only my fans could see my post.” This gave him the plan to create an OnlyFans account. After his fans made fun of him into creating one, he finally gave into the idea.

OnlyFans is an app whereby people can make money from their subscribers. When they subscribe, they pay per month. Now, most people have used the app for sexual and much more explicit content.

However, the interesting part is what the motivation is to creating the account. Well, it seems there is a new lady that has smitten the musos heart but she looks a little like his ex girlfriend Lady Zamar.These sentiments are posted by his followers who teased him for the cute pictures.

After posting the picture with a heart emoji, where Sjava is staring at the woman seemily like a love sick puppy, his followers went crazy. Many thought he and Zamar got back together but rather than getting angry at the trolling, he chose to play along.

Lady Zamar and Sjava’s relationship took a very bitter turn after she accused him of rape. After months of defending himself, a publication reported that the rape case had been thrown out by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

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