The Zimbabawe Republic Police arrested about 21 commercial night ladies in the streets of Masvingo on Tuesday night and were charged with public indecency.

This action was taken after the elderly in Masvingo took it to the media complaining about their action in the streets saying the streets of Masvingo are no longer child friendly at night and even for the elderly too.

One resident said _”kana usina kutenga muriwo masikati 6 dzikachaya wotodya hako nema veggie”_ this clearly shows that residents are afraid of these commercial night ladies.

Other residents were in support of this statement too.

These night ladies appeared in court yesterday afternoon and were fined USD$100, failure to do so they would spend a month in prison.

This comes after a video circulated on social media of concerned residents. Other elderly women stated that they nolonger have any peace in their neighborhood as these night ladies can be seen everywhere.

Some even explained that the route of moral decay in Masvingo has gone very low as these things used to not be a reality back in the days .

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