Leanne Manas, a figure in South African media and the anchor of the flagship show “Morning Live” on SABC, recently found herself in the midst of a contentious interview that has sparked widespread discussion on social media with Zimbabwean Pan Africanist Rutendo Matinyarare

Many South Africans have praised her for raising this question but others have applauded Rutendo for dealing with it in a professional way.

Rutendo asked Leanne why she would not go back to her original nationality in Europe. Her argument was she was born in South Africa and she is South African but History has always taught us who the real Africans are . Mugabe reiterated the statement in a BBC interview that they are citizens by colonization, just like there are blacks around the world through slave trade.

The logic by Rutendo is important in that Africans should be free in Africa as the dream of Malema purpotes.

Rutendo, boasting about the abundant resources of his homeland, faced scrutiny from Manas when asked about his decision to reside in South Africa rather than in what he described as the greatest country. This question was not logical I’m this instance coming from a person who came to Africa through a imperial form .

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