It was a frenzy of comments yesterday when the Zimdancehall chanter from Chitungwiza Hwindi President took to social media claiming that music is not his calling.

In his post _”Rega Timbotsvaga Mari Zve Music Hazvisi Zvedu Izvi”_ clearly shows that musicians in Zimbabwe are failing to be paid for their efforts an entertainers. Hwindi President is not the first one to admit that music is not really paying, Exquisite(XQ) in the past days took to his social media and claimed that he is also ready for anything that brings money to his pocket by saying in his statement _”…ndotumika…”_

This led to a lot of words from the fans saying that the entertainers are going broke or in shona _”vavakupera”. Others argue that the Zimbabwe’s entertainment industry has never been truly appreciated in a way that the artists are not able to make a living out of art. One fan said _”ma artists edu arikungoshandira ma followers, ma likes nembiri but mari chaiyo havagone kuishandira”_ whilst others went on to blame management, they said these artist mismanage their money when they receive their royalties by spending on unnecessary things instead of investing and do something that generates more income.

The majority of the fans go ahead to blame their managers, another fan went on to say on Hwindi President’s post _”This post by one of my favourite artists caught my attention. I think he is incredibly talented, but seems like he lacks proper management. Zimbabawe has a wealth of amazing talent at the moment, but unfortunately, many artists suffer from poor management. The lack of skilled talent managers is leading to frustration and burnout for some artists. NB• This is one of many other major factors.”_

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