At this year’s Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), Econet Zimbabwe, the country’s top internet service provider, has set tongues wagging with the unveiling of its groundbreaking invention: the first artificial intelligent robot dog.

The innovative creation marks a significant milestone in Zimbabwe’s technological advancement and has generated immense excitement among attendees.

With the promise of unveiling more details as the trade fair progresses, Econet Zimbabwe has sparked curiosity and anticipation among industry experts and the general public alike. The introduction of an AI-powered robot dog signals a bold leap into the future of robotics and artificial intelligence, positioning Zimbabwe as a player on the global stage of technological innovation.

Visitors flocked to the Econet Zimbabwe pavilion at ZITF, eager to catch a glimpse of this futuristic marvel, speculation is rife about the potential applications and capabilities of the AI robot dog. From assisting in household tasks to enhancing security measures, the possibilities seem endless for this cutting-edge creation.

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