Newtown, Johannesburg – Last night, chaos ensued at the Newtown Music Factory after fans erupted into a frenzy, hurling bottles onto the stage. The volatile situation unfolded after authorities abruptly shut down the gig at 3 am, just before Holy Ten was set to perform.

Disappointed by the sudden halt to the event, fans expressed their outrage by resorting to throwing bottles onto the stage, creating a hazardous environment for both performers and attendees alike.

The trio, who were eagerly anticipated by the audience, were unable to take the stage due to the unexpected shutdown and ensuing chaos. Despite efforts to restore order, tensions remained high throughout the night.

In the wake of this incident, concerns have been raised regarding crowd control measures and event management protocols at the Newtown Music Factory.

However, despite the setback, Holy Ten and the rest of the lineup are gearing up for their next performance at the Old Town Hall in Rustenburg. Fans are hopeful for a smoother and more enjoyable experience at the upcoming show.

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