Parirenyatwa Hospital uncovers 44 fake doctors defrauding patients

In the past 16 months, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has uncovered at least 44 individuals posing as doctors, attempting to defraud unsuspecting patients, the hospital confirmed on Tuesday.

While the duration of their fraudulent activities remains unclear, the hospital emphasized its ongoing efforts to protect the public from such malicious schemes.

“In 2023 alone, our Security Department apprehended 33 offenders,” the hospital’s spokesperson Linos Dhire stated.

“From January 2024 to date, 11 similar cases have been addressed by the department. These individuals, masquerading as doctors, tutors, or thieves targeting both staff and patients, have been handed over to the police.”

Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, housing nearly 400 doctors and a total staff of approximately 4,000, acknowledged the challenges posed by its size and complexity, which opportunistic individuals exploit for nefarious purposes.

However, the hospital reassured the public that it’s surveillance teams remain vigilant, consistently thwarting attempts to compromise the institution’s integrity.

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