A lot of local girls be it they’re in college or not, they’re falling prey to these so called “Mbinga” guys. We came across a series of threads of how some if not girls are being sold for financial thirst quench.

These threads are going to be labelled alphabetically:

A explained how it happens in Gweru and went on advising girls, her message was _”In Gweru they call it mombe yechibairo… one gets sacrificed for the benefit of others daylight witchcraft. It’s a thing at most universities, girls should stop going out nema friends asiri avo, girls selling each other for ciders especially ice tropes.”_

Victim B goes on agreeing with A and sharing her own experience saying _”it actually happens, had to cut off one of my closest friends cause of it. Like yeah cool if you do it but don’t involve me in it. And it’s even worse cause it’s for these politicians of ours with big names, and i can list a tonne of ‘ig baddies’ i saw that night and eversince then I’ve refuseddd to be given pressure on social media cause i was so shocked to learn this is how they get money to give us pressure yacho.”_

As sad as this sounds these are not the only two, victim C shared her experience of being tried to be hooked up with an old man whom she only classed as old as her mother’s father when she went to a friend’s photoshoot session. This was supported by one victim D who claimed that also waitresses do it when they go out, she was saddened by these wrong doings.

Victim E’s was explained in a way that it was a planned deal from the word as she said _”once went out with a friend as well only to go to some shady house with sooo much security and once i got in there we were tested for Covid-19 and every STI including those i didn’t know existed, it only clicked then that they were planning something dirty.”_

Victim F also said _”i got this 1 girl i learn with in uni but we barely talk cause she has her people and she’s one of those people who you can clearly see live a soft life that has questionable sources then all of a sudden she starts acting nice to me and my friend (which is unusual) then invites us for a weekend getaway to a place we’ve never heard of and no money was required from us. It all sounded a little too suspicious so we declined, then a few days later we learn from a third party that she sells girls out to guys and that is what was going on.”_

Another uni victim, only identified as victim G explained when she was in part 1 in university she was asked put for a chill by a female friend to go chill with a famous cricketer who was later discovered to be married and had a wedding covered by big newspaper houses. She also mentioned that these girls lie that the ‘buyers’ have seen them on their statuses only to lure the preys. While victim H explained how her sister was almost sold by an old friend a guy who was spoiling them because the friend had promised the old guy a girl. She said her sister was being forced to drink by the friend, the sister luckily had emergency taxi money to take herself home.

Victim I talked about how they operate by claiming that her boyfriend is involved in business with big names of Zimbabawe and she tags along her boyfriend sometimes only to bump into her college classmates with big bellied men, she claims that recruiters are paid something like USD$2 500 or USD$1 000 depending on the type of girl brought, that’s why these girls invest in looks because the the hotter one is, the more money she gets. That’s how it is explained by the anonymous girl only labelled as I. Some attack the preys by sweet talking and giving them sweet names like Makhoti explains one victim who was once attacked that way.

An interesting contribution came from one of the last victims who said in her own words _”there’s this other lady i know who doesn’t even stay at home, she leaves her children behind for like 3½ weeks of the month she stays at this hotel it’s actually her second home and she recruits the young girls kuti vaite zve mbinga izvi vanenge vatori group vongoendeswa ku Hotel vomirira ma big fish.”_

With all these given out statements, confessions and warnings. It is up to our future female leaders to be able to trade carefully be it in school or not. Hard work pays pretty well and nothing comes easy.

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