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Leader of the Jesus Revelation Church in Zimbabwe, Apostle Chiwenga has unveiled his new wife, Vanessa Nyasha, at a Revelation Gathering hosted by the church in Johannesburg. The event, attended by congregants and followers from across the region, marked a significant moment in Chiwenga’s personal life following the tragic loss of his previous wife and two other church members in a 2019 accident.

The revelation of Vanessa Nyasha as Chiwenga’s new wife comes just a month after their marriage, which was kept private until the announcement made by the apostle himself. In a statement released last month, Chiwenga had hinted at the upcoming unveiling, stating his intention to introduce his new wife to the congregation during the Revelation Gathering in May.

The congregation’s response to the unveiling was one of mixed emotions, with many expressing joy and support for Chiwenga’s newfound happiness, while others reflected on the memory of his late wife and the tragic circumstances surrounding her passing. Nonetheless, Chiwenga emphasized the importance of moving forward with faith and gratitude for the blessings in life.

Vanessa Nyasha, now revealed as Apostle Chiwenga’s wife, has already been embraced by the congregation, with many expressing warm wishes and prayers for the couple’s future together. As they embark on this new chapter of their lives, Chiwenga and Nyasha are expected to continue their ministry and leadership within the Revelation Church, inspiring and guiding their followers with their faith and dedication.

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