Simbarashe Chadiwa, was nine years ago sentenced to 18 years in jail for allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl.

The alleged victim named Rosey, who is now 18, has exonerated Simbarashe saying the confession was triggered by a series of casualties that befell her and her family. She is quoted as saying:

That man never did that to me but I was under so much pressure that I ended up wrongly implicating him.

That action has been haunting me daily such that I can no longer live with the fact that there is someone out there who is suffering for a crime that he never committed in the first place.

A lot of misfortunes are also happening at our home, which makes me suspect it has to do with the grief on the part of Simbarashe, hence my decision to come clean.

It is alleged that Simbarashe who was about 21 years old and his friend visited the girl’s homestead, where the latter intended to see the family maid, who was his lover.

The girl’s mother was away in Botswana. When the mother returned, she queried why her daughter seemed to be having a limp in her walk.

This led to the chain of events that ended with the conviction.

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