In a shocking story, the legendary comedian and Kapfupi’s partner Mr Charles ‘Marabha’ Meresi is not feeling too well. According to a video by Kwayedza, Marabha has been taking HIV/AIDS drugs and he said the causes for his serious sickness is because he defaulted taking the drugs.

As sad as it is, Marabha seems to be in a state of no shame as he openly speaks about the reasons for his sickness. In a statement he said, _”Kutaura chokwadi, mafaro akandipedza…kutevedza mafaro ndicho chimwe chezvinhu chakaita kuti ndisvike pandiri nhasi.”_

He confesses that it’s been five years since his separation from his wife who left the comedian after discovering his illness. The only person who’s still looking after him is his little brother Itai who said he’s helping Marabha with food and is hoping to finish building his brother’s house.

In his illness journey, he said his stomach was swelling and it was due to defaulting taking the pills. Itai also mentioned that Marabha also experience some mild strokes.

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