Mai Titi has publicly announced her allegiance to the ruling party after a video of her conversing with president Mnangagwa emerged. In a message on social media she had this to say:

Munhu mumwe nemumwe anekodzero yekuteverera bato raanoda asina kumbunyikidzwa. Zvekuzokanda maAngry face papost yangu naPresident atove madrama. We all have freedom to vote and choose who we want to follow.
I follow His Excellency and First Lady Dr Auxilia Mnangagwa and I am Zanu Pf . If you don’t like that there s nothing I can do to change you .

I have seen what they are doing to our Nation from Roads , Schools , Empowerment etc.
Our Airport has improved greatly and you can’t tell me you you are not noticing that .
Angel of Hope foundation ya First Lady Vedu Dr Auxilia Mnangagwa zvainoitira nherera neShirikadzi you don’t see that . She goes all out in helping the needy .

We are millions of people in Zimbabwe you can’t expect change in 2 days but each and everyday there is visible change in Zimbabwe.

You choose to see the bad side only not the good deeds and unfortunately it’s sad .
I follow the good works and I can’t be hotspotted to hate what I don’t know.
If you have issues they are your issues not mine .
Even the Bible says love and honour your President.

Nyika inovakwa neVene vayo do not divide our Nation but rather unite and build Zimbabwe together as one .
I am for the ruling party .
And nothing will change that .
Pamberi neZanu Pf .

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