Stunner and his ex-wife Olinda have seemingly rekindled their romance. The two recently reunited to celebrate Stunner’s birthday, sparking widespread speculation and interest among fans. Olinda marked the occasion with a heartfelt post on her Facebook page, featuring the popular song ‘Kana Ndanyura’ by Killer T, which translates to “someone is deep in love.” This choice of song has only fueled rumors that the former couple might be back together.

The speculation was further intensified when Stunner commented on Olinda’s post, addressing her as “babe.” This comment quickly stirred up controversy and discussion among their followers. The couple’s history is well-known, as they were once married but separated amidst allegations of infidelity. Stunner’s emotional reaction to their breakup, including instances of him crying uncontrollably, was widely covered in the media at the time.

Olinda’s personal life has also been a topic of interest. Following her separation from Stunner, she married another musician, Tytan. However, their relationship has been fraught with challenges. While specific details about their marital issues have largely remained private, it is known that they have faced significant problems over the past few years.

The public reaction to the possibility of Stunner and Olinda rekindling their relationship has been mixed. Some fans are excited about the potential reunion, recalling the couple’s previous chemistry and hoping for a happier chapter. Others, however, are skeptical, given the turbulent history and the public nature of their past disputes.

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