Emtee predicts his death again – They will kill me and say I overdosed


Emtee foresee his death and claims ‘they’ will kill him.


A few weeks back Emtee cried for help as he claimed his fiànce and mother of his two kids was very abusive, the fiànce would live him bruised at times and call the police on him claiming that he was violent with when he was even innocent.


He started to plan for his own funeral the more this continued he felt like the fiànce’s family would even attack him aswell. He said that he feels he may die for things he didnt even know about.


“She calls her buff brother, uncles and even her mother chocked me and i saw the devil in her as she was holding me by the throat against the wall. I will die for things i do not know about because of this woman. I dont know why she always tryna make me feel like i aint sh*t when im a goat of note” he said.


Emtee foresee what might be the cause of his death if he dies. The trapper has been warned multiple times about his funeral, and it’s left lots of people scared and very concerned.


On Twitter, the father of two said “they” will kill him but lie that he overdosed on drugs.


Emtee wasn’t clear on the term “they”, but his fans claim it’s his wife and her brother because he claimed they once told him about his funeral.

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