Who didnt lock the prison? As Man escapes from Harare Prison


On Saturday evening a prisoner escaped the prison and the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) reported the escape.


Peter Muchenga, who was arrested for aggravated indecent assault, escaped in full view of prison warders and he is nowhere to be found. It is alledgedly said Muchenga escaped at around 6.30pm.


“When inmates were locked up and the number in the yard could not tally with the one on the board, two recounts were done but there was no change. Officers and B Class inmates carried out a search within the prison,” reads a ZPCS statement.


“At around 20:00hrs, officers who were at the D Class section saw the inmate on the top of the prison roof where there are water tanks.


“The officers looked for a ladder in order to access the place where the inmate was lodged but he bolted to the other end of the building where he used an electricity cord to climb down the wall,” said ZPCS.


It is said that the prisoner landed on the ground before climbing over the security wall separating Harare Remand Prison from Harare Central Prison.


“When officers arrived from the top of the building, they found the inmate already on the pre-cast concrete wall and moving towards the workshops. Three warning shots were fired but could not stop the inmate who jumped from the wall into the workshop yards. A search was carried out in the workshop but the inmate could not be located. The matter was reported to the police under case number IR 121480.”

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