Somizi Mocked After Duduzane Autographs His Own Book


Trolls never rest


Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung is on the victory mode at the moment, so the hate going on all over social media could not faze him out. He expressed his excitement when the man of the moment Duduzane Zuma posted a snap of him holding his cookbook Dinner At Somizi’s I am Not A Chef, many pointed out that the book had been autographed by Duduzane instead of Somizi, making it an embarrassing turn of events.


Somizi shared on social media an exciting moment where Duduzane redlected total support by purchasing his book. As he congratulated him on his win, Duduzane wrote a little message on the cover of the book, “To my brother Somizi, well done, onwards and upwards!” And Somgaga thanked him by saying, “thank you buddy.”


Many were puzzled at what had happened and were commenting, “Please correct me if I am wrong but Is not the author supposed to be the one signing the book?” Sharing the same sentiment, many followers wanted to understand why was the book signed by Duduzane instead of Somgaga.


“So Somizi gave Duduzane a book, Duduzane signed it & gave it back to him with his signature as a gift.” Another wrote, “Duduzane, Somizi and that book is one of the most 2020 thing you’ll ever see.”


Somgaga ignored the hate and he posted a video of Duduzane and Vusi Thembekwayo in what seemed like a small meeting.


Somgaga responded with a stinging clap to trolls who mocked him or his friends saying he does not need people’s support if it will mean they should abuse and cyber bully him on social media. This was a delivery to a troll who mocked his best friend Vusi Nova asking about his sexuality.


This was after Somizi shared a picture of them enjoying their amazing life at the Houghton Luxury Apartments. The besties were getting spoiled ahead of the release of their single Ntandane, which is dedicated to Somizi’s late mom.


A post in form of a question was asked inrelation to which team Vusi Nova is playing for? Somizi responded back and said “I was gonna answer that if the answer was gonna improve yo tekateking (unbalanced) bank balance.


Somgaga is tired of bullies who abuse celebs because they feel entitled about supporting their careers. Somizi said he would rather die poor than to have fan who will abuse his energy.

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