“Slay queen cleaning service” available in South Africa?


The slay queen cleaning service is said to be offering services in Johannesburg at this stage and they even cover corporate events.

South Africans posted their concerns in the comment and reply section as they spoke about the women and their “cleaning service”


Wow it is interesting – 2020 has brought out a lot of innovative hustles as the recent post has many South Africans shook. “slay queen cleaning services” has shocked South Africa.


They offer in-house services, corporate event appearances, call-in maids as well as rug and carpet cleaning. Twitter user @SmaNdlelaZN shared the unique service on Twitter.


A few comments


“Fifi is doing an amazing job with this despite the comments and what people may think, she found a market and works hard.”


“I’m I the only one who thinks this is a cover-up for the real actual job which is… Let me tool…”


“The dress code is inappropriate.”


“I don’t see any woman hiring a cleaning lady dressed like this…… Good luck anyway!”

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