Episode 19 of Dlozi’lami


Many people were left in awe after a woman from Benoni in Gauteng, South Africa, made confessions exposing her father who used to take them to a satanic church and do all evil practices.


The show airs on DStv’s Moja Love channel 157 and is hosted by Thembi Nyathi.


Thembi Nyathi is a psychic medium who expresses her gifts with clients who want to connect with their ancestors on her reality show on Moja Love, Dloz’lami. She provides guidance or closure for people who want to connect with their ancestors, using her gift of clairvoyance.


In the interesting episode, Antoinette Thato Moaketsi explained how her father would take her to an ‘Indian’ Church that operated as a satanic church at night where they would drink blood and ‘eat the brains of dead children’.


Rape accusations against the lady’s father who committed suicide are also included in this shocking revelations. The lady’s father committed suicide after he was accused of raping his daughter who is the older sister to Antoinette.

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