“Love is blind” ❤️ Blind couple proves it.


”Love Is Blind” has become the trending phrase in Nigeria and many have accepted the words meaning in a case were you love a person you ares blinded to see the wrongs. One-of-a-kind situation has come to our surprise as certain Nigerian couple that is visually impaired got married in Nigeria thereby asserting the reality that love is bodily blind too.

A picture of Mr Christopher Nnamdi Mboguwo and his spouse on their white wedding has gone viral on the social media. The couple has become famous and inside informant says Mr Christopher has been a blind man who works at the ministry of training at Anambra whilst her spouse Mrs Clementina Nwamaka Obidike is a civil servant that works in Anambra State Ministry of Youth Empowerment.

The Nigerian couple got many  hearts melting when they were got married at the Christ Holy Church International in Enugwu- Ukwu in Nigeria on Saturday.

The Traditional wedding ceremony later took place at the bride’ s father’s land in Agu- Ukwu Nri, Anambra.

It is reported that the couple was surely born blind and that they were taught to understand the different tasks they should do.

It is quite amazing that the two have never seen each other or any of their relatives which is called to be abnormal for others, but these two have shown that love is in the heart and not in what you can see.

This love story surely has come to a reality as this couple has given a different view of life. Seeing isnt believing after all.

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