Julius Malema announces the cancellation of Umjolo for his party members.

On Thursday, Julius Malema, the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters Leader, held shocking virtual press announcing his party’s posture on the spiralling Covid 19 cases in the country.

Members were stopped from dating in a bit to control the cases in the country, the party announced.

As of Wednesday, 13 January, comfirmed cases in South Africa were 1 278 303 with 18 555 new cases recorded in the past 24 hours and 806 fatalities.

To help flatten the curve was a call for concern made to political parties and influential groups.

The right direction believed by EFF is cancelling umjolo  as part of many means to stop the spread of the virus.

‌“You don’t know where your boyfriend or girlfriend has been. It is only us, the married ones we are safe because we know each other’s whereabouts. The put stay at home.

No mjojo, mjolo is suspended until after corona because we don’t know where you have been,” Julius Malema unexpectedly announced.

Supporting president Ramaphosa’s last announcement, he stopped funeral attendances and transferring of corpses from one place to another, Julius Malema appealed to his party members to stop attending funerals as opt for attending them through virtual platforms, unless they are close relatives with the deceased.

South Africa’s level 3 covid-19 related lockdown was officially extended as a way of minimising a surge of Covid-19 cases, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma confirmed on Tuesday.

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Julius Malema bans Umjolo until Covid 19 is over ! No visiting boyfriends or girlfriends


Malema has again stole the show with his media press conference to which he was addressing issues of national politics, international relations and the imposed lockdown. In his address he cited that it is not fair to call on for elections in a year where the political calendar has already been affected.


He urged the government to make sure there is time for campaigns and also make sure that covid 19 is contained properly. He urged South Africans to stay at home and not endanger each other. The youths should stay at home and no more girlfriends and boyfriends visits.


He also addressed the issue of funeral that people should be reduced to 20 at funerals ,and body viewing suspended ,whilst pushing for choirs to be stopped also at funerals. He emphasized on the issue of adhering to regulations.


This is war time he added; we have to resolve to use online methods to view funerals of our loved ones. He addressed all EFF members in his address to stay at home and revealed harsh disciplinary procedure to those that will break the lockdown rules.


In his address he also called for peace and fairness in Ugandan presidential elections. He cited that revolutionary parties have a history of clinging on to power and not letting go ,Malema warned president Museveni to set a good example for the reputation of African states.

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