In yet another internet mindblowing shutdown, Brown Mbombo has set the Internet Ablaze as she shows off her curves.

Lockdown levels have taken a toll on the entertainment industry and business. To while up time many South Africans seem to have turned to self-improvement to keep themselves occupied.

There is no doubt several Mzansi celebrities have shown off their amazing hot bodies of late and it seems Mzansi hasn’t got enough of the treat.

In the wake of breaking the internet, with her hot pictures, Nomzamo Mbatha’s has seen her self trending. However more recently, one of the Mbombo twins, Brown took to her social media to celebrate her curves, and the internet went wild.

Mzansi certainly can’t get enough of the beauty and tempting curves.
The curvaceous influencer who’s never been afraid to show off her figure embraced her body and encouraged other women to celebrate themselves regardless of their body type.

The reason behind the whole fiasco was the caption that came along the series of the showy pictures. “She owned her curves, the way a lion owns the jungle.” She captioned a picture flaunting her body.

It didn’t take much time for Mzansi to weigh in with comments. Surely the pictures actually got man drooling and gushing praise with comments.

Celebrities including, Thickleeyonce, Pearl Modiadie, and Makgotso took to her comment section to hype her up.

Its encouraging that Brown is unapologetic about her figure and is fully embracing it. Back in the day, plus-sized women were not encouraged to celebrate themselves because more attention was given to slim-figured women.But things have definitely changed.

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