Zodwa Wabantu is an entertainer and an entrepreneur. 2021 is no different for the socialite as she began trying her hand at different businesses last year. She has 3 ventures along with her work in entertainment. Of late she’s been working on her new chicken and egg brand. It’s proving to be a huge success!

Her brand is called Zodwa Wabantu Chicken & Eggs selling live chickens and trays of eggs. You may be pondering upon why the entertainer went down this route? In an interview with the Daily Sun, Zodwa said, “We don’t know what the future holds for artists. I don’t want to be broke. That’s my biggest fear. I had to be proactive and think of other ways to make money.”

Zodwa’s been working very hard. Some of the deliveries she herself has been doing them, going to places in Johannesburg and delivering eggs to customers. We can see what a great acceptance she has received.

Many of her fans have been very supportive towards her venture. Comments all over her Instagram posts have people making enquiries about how they can buy her products. Others are buying tray after tray. These include individual consumers as well as other businesses, such as restaurants. In turn, Zodwa is sharing the details of the ventures who are supporting hers. She gives them shoutouts on her Instagram.

Celebrities are supporting her, too including Duma Ntando, Kelly Khumalo, and most recently Dineo Ranaka. They’ve been buying multiple trays of her eggs to show support for their fellow entertainer.

Going to get even bigger.

For now Zodwa’s business is small-scale. The entrepreneur is aiming on scaling up. Her intentions are to start supplying to stores such as Pick N Pay, Shoprite, and Spar, too. At the rate she’s going at, we won’t be shocked if her business goes to dizzying new heights by the end of the 2021. Here are some comments from fans that we think highlights how big her business is going to get:

“I like how black-owned businesses are supporting each other.”

“I’m so proud of you Zodwa.. U r a true hustler… I admire u… And believe me… I really love u.”

“We are waiting for you to deliver in Centurion.”


Zodwa had resembled a hard working character and has a lot of support, both from colleagues and fans. Plus, as an entertainer, she has a lot of fame and its nature that people will be excited to try her products. Even if it is just to meet the star.

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