Amongst South Africans it has become a norm for to create debacles over issues that do not concern them. General opinions posted on social media end up as personal issues. Mpumalanga Premier is trending for showing up without a mask at Mthembu‘s funeral and Mzansi is not pleased about it. Sharing on Twitter, actress Dineo Langa points out how the Premier wanted to have the spotlight shining on her during the funeral.

“She wants the limelight. She was beaming and wanted the spotlight on her so she forgot Jackson. The Premier wanted to stand out. This was her moment to shine on a national platform and she messed up grandly,” Dineo posts.

“Unfortunately for her members of public office will be taken to task when breaking the law. There is a level of irony & reality in that moment. One that says tax payers pay for not wearing a mask but politicians won’t. Everyone must be called out B,” she adds.

Busiswa claps back, acting on impulse, in what she thinks is defense for Mthembu’s daughter.

“We all know for sure that grief hits us in horrendous & different ways. To bury your famous father within three days of learning of his passing is a trauma of a unique kind. You can’t be a school principal on ‘she wanted attention’ vibes. COVID is dealing everyone a sad goodbye.”

In a rather stern tweet, Dineo jumps in to clear the air.
“Take the L Sis. You read to respond and not to understand. This wasn’t about Thuli. This was about the Mpumalanga MP who ignored Covid-19 protocols. No-one is policing grief. We are calling out a member of government. No Sis. You were wrong. You misunderstood. Say that and retract the baseless “principal” that shot from your hip,” the actress posts.

Busiswa realises her mistake and apologizes.
“I was wrong & I retract. I DEF misunderstood. Nobody needs bad energy right now also. Uxolweni, I owe you a shot of something when South Aah is open please D.”

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