A stir has been caused on the internet by birthday parties hosted in South Africa as one of the most iconic and popular politicians turned 40 years on the 2nd of March 2020. People were excited to celebrate and see Julius Malema and his colleagues enjoying and celebrating his special day.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to celebrate these special birthdays therefore it is important that they are celebrated with joy and laughter. The EFF leader is now considered an adult and people are looking forward to seeing a lot from him. Being over 35 years reflects that you are more responsible and you are no longer young.

South Africans did not waste time in questioning a lot of things that appeared in this party. It is reasonable and understandable that the Covid-19 regulations would have been followed and only permit a certain number of people at the party.

Parties are more fun when people gather in masses, and there are no limits. People nolonger get the same excitement from parties due to the crisis faced across the world. They are forced to follow certain regulations and save lives in this manner.

Change and adaptation is very difficult, it is a phase in which people need to take and some are not comfortable with. People still want do whatever they want at parties and many events, without being told what to do. Unfortunately since things changed, this isnt achievable therefore people need to be patient and adhere to the regulations.

South Africa went back to level 1 lock-down regulations. About 100 people are allowed to gather socially. Simple regulations such as wearing of masks at all times when in public space are some of the regulations to be followed at times. These are some of the questions asked about people who are in this house celebrating Malema’s birthday.

People are being seen shaking, holding hands and having a good time. A big recall people should never forget are that Covid-19 still exists. A serious concern for the nation is that people were not wearing any masks.

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