Scandal! Fans are about to be taken through a whole new twist as Lindiwe finally gets a boyfriend. He is a man none the less even though he looks shady.

Matthews Rantsoma has the role of Nhlamulo Maseko on the eTV soapie. Nhlamulo, on Scandal, makes it rain money and shows that he is wealthy and is a forex trader and he has caught Lindiwe’s little heart. Nhlamulo with all his charm and everything, he can not get his eyes off Lindiwe. For some reason he is called Kasi Shakespeare. One this is for sure Lindiwe has just been bound by the charm even though we do not know if Nhlamulo is genuine or not. Unfortunately Lindiwe’s love affair will lead to trouble for her and her mother with the law.

Nomvelo Makhanya resembles excitement and celebrates the new plot. The actress is happy as viewers with the turn of the story.

“Right now, I am very excited about what is coming up on the show. It’s about to get lit. I am loving Lindiwe’s growth and how she has become such a responsible young person who is so well behaved. I feel like she has been through a lot, like most people, and she continues to do her best. I cannot wait for viewers to see what we have been cooking up for them,”

After Lindiwe’s chaotic affair with Romeo, this might just be her seconded biggest romance on Scandal.

Recently, Nomvelo Makhanya who plays Lindiwe on the show opened up about how she has survived cyberbullying and how she is delighted to motivate younger girls dealing with similar problems.

“There has been a lot of growth since then. I have grown a thick skin because when you are in this industry people can be vile and I have since learnt not to take everything that people say about me on social media too personally. try to engage with people when I can. But if I can see the conversation is not going to be fruitful or the person is just rude then I walk away. Also, nje as a person, ngiyashesha uxola (I forgive easily). I have learnt that forgiveness is not about the other person, but it is about you. So I let things go. Imagine if I held on to it all, I would be a very bitter person.”

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