Zodwa Wabantu has just turned to be a hustler in Mzansi if there was ever anything like that. Recently, the performer shared a video of her selling her eggs in the club.

Zodwa began her egg business during lockdown. The performer’s business began as she sold to Mzansi’s A listers which includes Dineo Ranaka, TT Mbha and so many more. Due to failure in getting events to perform at, Zodwa Wabantu turned to her side hustle, selling eggs together with chickens, to help her carter for her bills. Zodwa Wabantu has taken advantage of her social media to market the eggs and also her tour bus to make her distributions. Even with the lockdown restrictions being lifted, the dancer has still pushed her business real hard as she posted a video of her selling her eggs in a night club. Social media has turned to be very supportive of her hustle and so people were excited for her.

The dancer did not choose to base on one hustle as she has ventured into property development, cosmetics and perfumes. Zodwa is also working on launching her premium cider this year.

The performer also made up her mind to go back to school last year.


“I’m an entertainer. I enjoy being a part of the entertainment industry. People have always seen one side of me. I’m ready to start the next chapter of my life.



I’ve always been interested in acting, but I know in order for people to take me seriously, I need to do some training first. I approached Star Quality Performing Arts College because it’s owned by two young black women, like myself, and explained to them what my dream was. They encouraged me to study, so I enrolled in the acting college.”

Last year, Zodwa also went viral when she got a Lamborghini that wassaid to be bought by Kenny Kunene. However, with rumours of SARS following uo on her, the performer immediately returned the car. Upon being asked about the matter, SARS media executive Sephati Sibeko showed that he had no enough information concerning the issue.

“The law doesn’t allow us to comment on peoples personal tax matters as they are confidential. Put it on record SARS doesn’t target anyone based on social media posts.

I don’t know the facts of this matter. But I can assure you that it does not happen after someone buys a car and post it on social media then they would get a call from SARS and request a meeting,” he said.

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