Ayanda Ncwane posted on her social media the beautiful birthday party celebration of her 13-year-old son Mawenza. The Real Housewives of Durban star mentioned that her son chose a party at the last minute instead of a getaway, leading her to quickly make preparations to make the event a success. The gorgeous ceremony oozed all of the usual Ncwane class.

White, gold and blue decorations completed the beautiful outdoor setup.

While her guests rocked in their casual jeans and sweatshirts, Ayanda looked stunning as usual in a lilac dress. Pretty in pink: Ayanda Ncwane wowed her fans in gorgeous gown. The party had scrumptious snacks that were both healthy and appetising. Social media users loved the setup and posted their thoughts in the comments section.

Instagram user khanyo_ncalane said: “Happy birthday Wenzy, more blessings Gwamanda!!” madlaminiphumla said: “Lalela and you have got some dance moves.” ozyokposo said: “Absolutely beautiful, happy birthday.”

dolcekhumalo said: “Happy birthday mshana @mawenzancwane. God bless you in your era of life…. we are proud of you.” Ayanda Ncwane recently celebrated her son’s birthday.

Previously, Briefly reported that South Africans are enjoying the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) ever since it began airing on Showmax. Fans can not get enough of the cast, but it seems like Mzansi is super taken by Ayanda Ncwane. After the latest episode, the timeline was buzzing with tweets about Ayanda, trending on Twitter for her boss lady personality. Most South Africans feel that Ayanda is the one who is driving the show. Her personality and character have caught the eyes of many. Pictures of the glamorous wedding left the internet positively swooning Ayanda as she is well known mostly for being the late Sfiso Ncwane’s widow. However, after his passing, she discovered a way to grow and made a name for herself in entertainment. She is now seen doing Clientele adverts alongside Desmond Dube. Mzansi social media users took to the timeline after the latest episode of RHOD, check out the reactions below:

@mohale_motaung said: “Ayanda is actually the star of this show!”

@SiyaBunny commented: “I thought Sorisha was gonna be the one who takes centre stage, but this is Ayanda’s show.”

@wandakwandah said: “One thing I really enjoy about Ayanda Ncwane is her resting face. She always looks so cool, calm and collected. Sbwl.”

@NashLumu commented: “My favourite times are when Ayanda has screen time! That woman has a personality.”

@Zarabrownie_ said: “I love how Ayanda and Nonku are handling this situation. It’s so mature.”

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