Before Mapula Khune (27) died she had a vision of police and ambulances surrounding her house.

Florah, Mapula’s mother revealed this as she shared how she learnt about her daughter’s death.

Last week, Mapula’s burnt body was found in the backroom of her parent’s home.

Mapula was soccer player Itumeleng Khune’s sister.

On Sunday, 7 March, a 17-year-old suspect was arrested for her murder. Due to insufficient evidence, he was set free by the Ventersdorp Magistrates Court.

Florah explained that when she heard from her neighbour that her house was on fire that morning of the incident, she hesitated.

She even dismissed the firefighters, saying they might have their facts wrong.

“After sending them away, I found out that the backroom was indeed on fire. My husband and I screamed, hoping our daughter was not inside,” she said.

Florah revealed that a young boy came looking for Mapula, the night before the incident.

“He wanted her to help him with his homework. I directed him to where Mapula was. Her cousin came later and helped the boy as Mapula told him she had a vision.

“She said she saw ambulances, fire trucks and police,” she said.

She said as Mapula’s cousinh was helping the boy, she decided to go and rest for a while.

Next thing, a call came in from a neighbour saying her house was on fire.

The Khune family said were hoping to bury Mapula on Thursday, 11 March, but since they are waiting for forensic results, the date might change.

But NPA spokesman Henry Mamothame said following a thorough study of the docket and consultation with police, the NPA concluded that the docket be returned for further investigations and the accused be let out of prison.

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