Tweeps suggest drinking water and tooling.

Mohale Motaung seems to be flourishing in his business and career moves. But tweeps seem to be set on reminding the personality of his “humble” beginnings. In light of the divorce rumours that have taken its toll in their life as Motaung has stopped wearing his wedding rings, and even showcasing his wedding rings freehand on social media. Mohale, every time his name pops up on our timelines he continues to catch strays.

This time around, Motaung’s sexual orientation was called for questioning by one tweep. In the tweet that got his name trending at number one on the trends list; a social media user gave rise to the suggestion that his marriage was a disaster big time. The tweep mentioned that Motaung’s marriage was of convenience by writing saying that Mohale is not gay but gay-for-pay. The post revealed that Mohale was always ready to consummate the marriage because some men love that kind of sensual experience. However that does not mean they are gay, they are just like the ordinary men.

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